BlackBerry + Zimbalam To Provide Independent Artists A Platform

Zimbalam, a music distribution and online music selling company and BlackBerry have announced that they are working to offer unsigned, upcoming and developing musicians an easy way to bring their music to the BlackBerry World store.


BlackBerry will make use of Zimbalam’s massive distribution network to give independent artists to promote and sell their music around the world on BlackBerry World. Artists will be able to use Zimbalam’s clean and simple interface and daily sales report, to allow them to track their sales on the BlackBerry World store.

Customer support will be provided according to the artist’s local language and the distribution packs will be geographically adapted. Right now, only 20 artists have been offered the opportunity to work with it’s artists and repertoire (A&R) and develop their careers.

According to Zimbalam, artists will earn 90% of the royalties sales from music sales, and their contract will remain non-excusive and they’ll still be independent.

The Blackberry Zimbalam tie up could be of great advantage for BlackBerry as every other major mobile operating system has it’s own store to provide digital content to it’s users.

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