BlackBerry Needs More Cash To Put Off A Sale

BlackBerry is still waiting for those happy days which had made it the king of smartphone and its market. I still remember the time when the people were crazy of having blackberry set into their pocket, but then came more alluring OS like Android and iOS which captured almost whole mobile market. This was the greatest and quickest example of change we can consider in the technological world. For now, BlackBerry is stumbling from one failure to the next and needs more cash to be independent.

These failure also led to the negative mindset among developers, which overall leads the company’s platform to fall. Company has been trying its best for consumers by releasing BlackBerry 10 smartphones, which are much better than the previous one, but customers wants to be away from this platform and have no more interest in it.

Blackberry is losing all of its control day-by-day, however there are some people in some corner of the world who still likes the set they manufacture after working for years but that’s not enough to keep company sustainable. Last quarter company lost 1$ billion. It also leads to the company’s employee to leave their job, which is never a good thing.

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