Bit Torrent Not For Piracy

Bit torrent the famous torrent client having a file-sharing protocol of the same name has lost its patience from the coverage of the area of “piracy”.

The company’s vice president of marketing, Matt Mason stated that it’s inappropriate to talk about a BitTorrent piracy record, because piracy takes place outside the BitTorrent world. He explains that for piracy, you need more than a protocol like search, a pirate content site, and a content manager.

Without any of these to enter the world of piracy through BitTorrent is nearly impossible and almost equal like creating a rocket with just one day in hand. The company officials explained to prove the fact that it is impossible to illegally download something on BitTorrent by saying that records are basically based on numbers from pirate websites that have no relation with BitTorrent, Inc. If they’re corroborated using data from pirate websites, they’re Internet Piracy Records”. They’re not “BitTorrent Piracy Records.

Being asked from Christian Averill if the company is trying to create seperate lines between BitTorrent the technology and BitTorrent the company. On this note he explains -The piracy itself is happening outside of the protocol. The technology is misused as a part of technology stack used for piracy. As such, it is only the pipes that content moves through by giving an example he said that just like you can not rip a DVD with BitTorrent technology similarly no pirated content is promoted on BitTorrent.

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