Bill Russell Arrested In Seattle Airport After A Gun Was Found In His Luggage

Bill Russell, the Boston Celtics legend was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly boarding a plane to Boston with a loaded gun in his luggage. He was stopped at Seattle airport and was immediately handed over the police.

Russell’s handgun was found at the International airport when the employees did a routine check. He was detained and questioned immediately, but was released when the authorities performed a check and proved that he had the permit for carrying a hand-gun.

He was briefly detained and questioned on the scene, but was released once authorities performed a background check and proved he had a permit for the weapon. TSA is planning to file a civil penalty against Russell. The fine usually ranges from $3000 to $7500. Danker’s acknowledged the fact, but each case can vary and the penalty may increase or decrease.

As per TSA policy, firearms and such materials are not allowed on carry-on items. Only authorized personnel are given the permission to carry weapons.

Russel has won 11 NBA championships with the Celtics back in the 1950s. He was travelling to witness the unveiling of a statue inside the City Hall Plaza in Boston. The statue was commissioned in 2011. Russel would be honoured in a ceremony which is expected to be attended by David Stern and many other cultural and basketball celebrities.

Russell was an advocate for civil rights throughout his career in Boston. He is one of the popular faces who broke the NBA’s colour barrier.

Russell was the coach of Celtics, Sacramento Kings and Seattle Supersonics in his coaching career.

Recently, he was present at the 2013 NBA finals, where he awarded LeBron James with the MVP trophy, which is incidentally named in Russell’s honour.

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