Bill Clinton Twitter Officially Joined

Wednesday night, the former U.S. president, Bill Clinton, officially joined the microblogging social network Twitter. Within minutes of his arrival in the network, he had an eye-popping 198,000 followers that extended to 215,000 overnight.

The Clinton Twitter news has been around us for a long time now, but this time it is for sure that Mr. Bill Clinton has joined Twitter for real.

Two weeks ago, comedian Stephen Colbert, the host of the Colbert Report, attempted to introduce Mr. Clinton in the social networking site by setting up his account with the handle @PrezBillyJeff, but it was Mr. Clinton himself who chose to join the site officially after a lapse of few weeks under the handle @BillClinton. On the very day of joining he send out two tweets, one to his daughter under the handle @ChelseaClinton and the other one to Stephen Colbert, and these are the only two people on Twitter whom he has chosen to follow for now.
At his part, Colbert celebrated Clinton’s arrival at Tweeter sending a tweet with his trademarked generosity. Prior to the official introduction in Twitter, Mr.Clinton had his presence on the network only through the Clinton Foundation under the handle @ClintonFdn.


The politician had clearly admitted to Colbert that he was nervous about joining tweeter as he felt that he might get no answer for his tweets, but now finally as he has joined the network the increasing number of followers has made it quite clear that his worries are not going to come true. However, if his fragile ego will be able to tolerate the arrows and slings of the outrageous Republicans or not that is yet to see. Being available on twitter certainly means for him to cope with the rage of the republicans, publicly. Interestingly, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, is not yet in tweeter, but after Mr.Clinton we can expect to see her in those 140 characters soon enough.

Reaching the number of 250,000 million followers overnight is no doubt great, but it certainly lags a lot behind than the magic number of 30 million, which is the present number of followers of the present Democratic president Barack Obama, who successfully used the social media in elections of 2008 and 2012. As soon as Mr.Clinton joined twitter he was greeted by many high profile Twitter users including Bill Gates.

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