Bieber Might Be Batman’s Next Sidekick


Justin Bieber, might be the next Robin in Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel 2”, popularly assumed to be called, “Batman vs. Superman”. This concept, however has failed to win universal acceptance.

The assumption caught fire after Bieber went on to post a picture of the movie’s script, with his name across the front, on his Instagram account. Apparently, the post also followed a #robin, which has led many to believe him to be Batman’s next sidekick. The picture soon attained a total of 639,000 likes.

Of the many objections, on clear blunt, one stated/commented on the picture, “F*** all these fan girls who are now gonna like Batman if Justin is Robin. We DC fans actually matter and if they don’t want this movie to be a huge failure, they won’t cast Justin. Plus his acting sucks. I like Justin, just not for Batman vs. Superman.”

Another tweet from Canada caught attention on Friday. Its stated hence, “Off to do something funny or…die :)”

With all the attention the movie caught over Affleck playing Batman, the casting crew is soon going to hear some more about his sidekick, only to give it some more publicity

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