Bieber Fever – 1 Million Likes On His First Instagram Video

Justin Bieber is in news again! Wondering his new song has hit the market? Well not this time. He is in news for having 1 million likes on his first Instagram video.

Bieber posted his shirtless video on June 20 when the famous photo sharing site added new features for uploading videos.

By once again showcasing his impact on his huge fan following by having a record breaking 1 million likes on his first Instagram video and later by having 40 million followers on famous social networking site – Twitter undoubtedly shows the popularity of this 19 year old teenager.

In total, Bieber has posted seven Instagram videos. Three are from the final NBA Finals game, one is him with fans, two are of him inside and outside a plane and,the last but not the least his highly popular shirtless video on Instagram.

Other celebrities like Madonna, LeBron James, Jimmy Fallon, Ryan Seacrest and Wiz Khalifa also uploaded their videos on Instagram but to have 1 million likes on the first video only have surely made Bieber one of its own kind!

Check out the video here.

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