Beyond : Two Souls Planned To Get Demo In October

I’ve been unintentionally avoiding Beyond: Two Souls, upto this point of time.Perhaps that’ll work out for the best. None of the Quantic Dream’s prior titles have not impressed much and its the fact. Beyond has piqued my interest and not merely because it stars Willem Dafoe, though that sure does help. Could this be the one?

From my point of view, we all should wait for the reviews to come but I know some of you are interested enough to want to go in blind and that’s absolutely fine.There is always an option available for the undecided people known as Demo, and yeah we can go for it. Its planned for PlayStation Network on October 1, 2013.

There are two section which are playable, one is with a young Jodie at the Department of Paranormal Activities and another where she’s trying to escape from government agents, years later.

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