Bethesda Softworks Files A Trademark For Fallout 4

Bethesda Softworks has filed a trademark for Fallout 4, following rumours last week that the company is ready to unveil the instalment at the VGA Awards next month. The trademark is for four distinct classes, taking in merchandise and digital media among different products. The trademark application follows sturdy rumours last week pointing to an impending Fallout 4 reveal. A teaser website entitled Survivor 2299 appeared on Thursday, with a counter set to expire on December 11. This year’s Spike VGA Awards are to take place that week, and are much known for unveiling antecedent unpredicted titles. The internet united to dispel the rumour, with Reddit users claiming the teaser site may be a hoax on the grounds that the domain registration was made from Poland rather than Bethesda’s Maryland, Washington DC home. These rumours follow earlier reports that Bethesda is functioning on the long anticipated instalment. According to a Reddit user, the studio is scoping out Boston, Massachusetts as the location.

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