Be Connected With Your Friends Anywhere Anytime

Now you can be connected with any friend easily by simple checking him/her with the new Foursquare features which is coming into use for fans from tuesday.To check in a friend, simply tap the “I’m with…” button while you’re checking yourself in and add your friend’s name,the  tagged person will then receive a push notification asking his/her permission to let you check her in.

You’ll always receive a notification when your friend checks you in, and you can delete check-ins that you’d prefer stayed private and depending on your friend’s action the future settings will be set, like if your friend approves, then you’ll be able to check her in on future adventures together without her permission. If she declines, then she will just be mentioned in your check-in as normal.

Previously a user can only share his thoughts and experiences but with this new feature of check-in, Foursquare is leaving no stone unturned to give a’ bigger’ and ‘better’ experience to its users.

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