Battlefield 4 To Use Kinect For Leaning And Yelling In Xbox One Version

Battlefield 4 will be making use of the Xbox One’s highly popular Kinect by permitting you to lean around corners exploitation solely your head, once Kinect figures out wherever you’re sitting. To boot, you’ll be able to yell “medic” to the Kinect which is able to then use the “medic” voice command in game, therefore you’ll speak while not truly being detected.

The voice commands are pretty confusing in a way that if you’re getting to bear all the trouble of speaking, particularly loud enough to be detected by a microphone some feet away, why not simply use the in-game voice chat? Why speak solely to activate fake speech within the game? It feels like a little of a pessimist feature.

In regular battlefield 4, you’ll peek out from behind cowl by aiming down the sights in extremely specific spots, which could be a lot of natural with head control?

Well let’s wait and see how successful this becomes.

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