Batman Vs Superman Shooting To Begin This Weekend

Despite Zack Snyder and his crew officially started the shooting based in Detroit for the Superman/Batman film, the fact that they are still in pre-production mode appears that they are getting a heads up on some footage. Reliable sources reveal that shooting would begin this weekend.

A few filmmakers were spotted in the East Los Angeles College Campus. They were gathering a few shots at an American Football game on the campus. The stadium in the college would be completely transformed into Gotham City University’s home for the game.

It is common that when camera crews, when present in sporting events, there are likely to be prizes which would be given to the crowd to entertain them. Apparently, they have even made T-shirts for the crowd to wear.

Those who wish to spot Henry Cavill or Ben Affleck would be disappointed if they set their expectations that high. However, they would be more than happy because the crowd reactions for the fictional game would be filmed more a brief time. We don’t know how the game fits into the story as of now. It might set off trouble between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. Superheroes turning into rowdies? Interesting.

Anyway, the film would hit US screens on July 17, 2015.

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