Banning Facebook In Iran Has Become A Joke

For those of you who are unaware of the internet restriction in Iran, here is the news. Facebook has been banned in Iran since the 2009 election in the country. Being such an addictive social networking site, Facebook pages are viewed using proxy servers by the Cabinet and the Government. The ban isn’t aiding anybody since the security software’s aren’t that strong within the country. The government has hinted that it might lift the Internet barriers soon. Facebook suddenly became extremely popular and commonplace in Iran in August mainly because of the inauguration of Iran’s new reformist President Hassan Rouhani. His office has a page opened on Facebook, which has been ‘liked’ by his fans, mainly his ministers. There is funny thing in the entire episode of ‘banning Facebook’. It makes no sense for the Government having profiles and pages on Facebook, and none of the Iranian citizens would able to ‘like’ it or follow their page.

It is not just Facebook which got Iran’s new president interested. Apparently, the president is very active on Twitter as well. Being an outsider to the entire episode, one would easily think that the President is not doing the job which he is supposed to be doing. Accessing social networking sites should be the last thing on the minds of a President. Being an avid lover of social networking websites, the ban on Facebook is likely to be revoked and the Iranian citizens would be erupting in joy. In fact, the President has an explanation to his love for social networking sites. The President feels that such websites are ideal to communicate with the media and people abroad. Having such an open and broad-minded President, the other restrictions and bans in Iran are expected to ease a little bit as well.

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