‘Bale Cannot Ignore Real Madrid’s Deal’ : Robbie Keane

Robbie Keane feels that Gareth Bale would not disregard Real Madrid’s interest in getting him to their team. The former Tottenham captain is sure that the Welshman would be a big hit in Spain, given his style of play and passing.

It is almost certain that Bale would be transferred to Real Madrid by securing a world record deal of more than 93 million pounds. Keane feels that Bale would not betray Tottenham if he completes his move to Real Madrid. He is only moving to greener pastures and a team where a Champion’s league spot is guaranteed almost every year. The talented 24 year old would be exposed to the Spanish style of play. This would only improve his skills as a football player. Tottenham are also getting a fair deal, in terms of money. They could bolster their squad by getting a few talented youngsters from lesser known football clubs. Very few football players have managed to escape the lure of real Madrid’s offers and Keane believes Bale would not be an exception. “If I had an opportunity like Bale, I would take my chance and move to Real Madrid. As a player, I would be looking to improve my skills. Real Madrid provides the exposure, which is needed. Having known Gareth Bale reasonably well, he is likely to make a move soon to Madrid”, says Keane. Jerseys are already being printed with Bale’s name and number 11 in Madrid. Although the official announcement is not out yet, the supporters of both Tottenham and Madrid know that Bale would be making the move and the Spurs would be 100 million pounds richer.

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