Arma 3 For PC

The developer behind the Arma franchise, Bohemia Interactive was interviewed by Pixelenemy. One of the interview question was about the Arma 3 coming to next-generation platform such as the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. The answer to the query was confidently said by Bohemia Interactive outright that the game won’t be coming to any consoles, and Arma 3 was designed for the PC platform from the ground up.

The full statement of Bohemia Interactive regarding console versions of Arma 3, said by Project lead Joris-Jan van’t Land from Bohemia Interactive follows:

“We do not have such plans for Arma 3, no. The design of the game is part of the reason. Arma 3 was designed for the PC and porting it directly would not do it justice. Any potential future Arma experience on console would need to be designed with those platforms in mind from the beginning,”

Hence, Arma 3 shall not be expected in either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

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