More Apps Coming For Google’s Chromecast

Google’s chromecast device remained in the news this week, and worked all accordance to what users want. According to the announcement made which includes ten new apps, said that these are fully supporting Google’s streaming-friendly device.

According to a new report from Gigaom, Google’s ambitious are twofold: Delivering more Chromecast devices to a flock of users worldwide, and getting even more apps to declare themselves “Chromecast-compatible.” At the end of the day, said Google executives, the company maintains that every person will expect every app they use to be streamable to a Chromecast.

Earlier company had placed some limits on which developers could offer Chromecast streaming in their respective apps. then later Google offered Pandora and Hulu plus in addition to HBO Go and this past week they welcomed apps like Plex, RealPlayer Cloud, and Revision3 into Chromecast-land.

Some of the more apps which will support Chromecast should be available in near future, reports Gigaom and currently no data is available of how many tiny dongles company has shipped out. However, Chromecast remained among the top three for top electronic devices sold on Amazon.

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