Approximately 70 Million People Affected With Target’s Data Breach

According to the investigations, it’s way beyond the credit card numbers among the damage done by Target’s data breach. The customers may have come under red mark, if they have shopped at a Target using credit card payment option between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, 2013. It was suspected that roughly 40 million credit cards were accessed from Target’s POS system between this period.

Now, after further investigations the news of affected people is increased to 70 million and the one who was responsible for these all have taken a lot more than just the card numbers.

A lot more have been discussed about this topic and several security experts have advised what users must be doing in order to save themselves from breach. However, currently some more information is needed to figure out what actually happened with this breach. Meanwhile, they have announced a year free ID theft protectionand also monitoring for affected customers.

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