Aol Music Is Shutting Down?

Aol employees revealed on Friday that most of the units under Aol music will be shutting down, except for Aol Radio, and all the employees from those units will be laid off.


The employees have posted on Twitter about these units being shut down, and Aol Radio has written a farewell post of sorts as well. “Hey guys. Just found out from Aol that we’re shutting down. Today is our last day. Seriously,” said a tweet from, a rock news site. Other sites under Aol Music are Noisecreep, The Boombox, and The Boot.


“We just got laid off,” said Dan Reilly, Editor of Spinner. “Aol Music is finished.”

Aol doesn’t sell or license any songs on it’s own, and it’s radio services are supported by Slacker, not any in-house service. But quite a few executives from the record industry believe that Aol Music has play a big rol in promoting new music.


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