Another Case Where A Man Doesn’t Even Know What’s Done With His G+ ID

There are too many acts we see off and on where these web service providers get into trouble because of the complaint against them for some inconvienient activity the user see in their account without their permission, or so called blow in their private zone.

A case have been seen recently where a guy named Thomas Gagnon of Massachusetts, have to be in jail and had a fined for $500 because a System-generated invitation the Big G’s notification service sprung into action and sent an invite off to his ex.

Gargnon was not in contact of his girlfriend, so it was obvious that when she receives that Google+ invite she picked up the phone and sent Gagnon to jail by convincing them it’s a violation. Gagnon contends that he was not at all responsible for sending any type of invitation, as he was not not even aware of when it was sent.

Many of the times we see that these companies act on our behalf without explicitly notifying us that they’re doing it. That’s doesn’t at all means privacy and they are overstepping their bounds when they do this.

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