An Unpleasant Update By PlayStation 3 For The Gamers

The new update of PlayStation 3 has not proved to be pleasant for the gamers. It is the update for the firmware of PlayStation 3 and is now available live. It has been reported by the users that this update has been locking then out of the system. Posters of the support forum of official PlayStation 3 said that they were not able to boost on the system after an update has been made. It has also been said by a few users, that the issues did not even revolve in spite of restoring the file systems.

According to the twitter account of PlayStation, the 4.45 update included the notification option of the trophy. It also focused on improving the stability of the system. Even the manufacturing company Sony was approached to resolve the issues in order to clarify the entire situation. However, this issue does not affect all the users of the console. In that case, it is wise to remain clear with the update soft e console for the time being.

The manufacturing company had sent a statement this morning and expressed its awareness about the reports. The company agreed to the reports that spoke about the software update of PlayStation 3. This new 4.45 is not letting XMB to display on a number of PS3 systems. The company has taken a temporary step and has made it offline. They have done this so as to investigate the problems in the console as well as its console. Sony has also apologized to the users for the inconvenient that has been suffered by them.

Users will be announced about the availability of the update once again. It will be possible to download it once again and that also very soon. The complaint given by the users are of a same type. One the latest has been installed in yet screen it does not show the welcome screen. It simply showed a welcome screen that should have a variety of sparkles and waves. Beside this you will get the help before it is repaired. It is expected that the company will receive it as spoon a possible.

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