An iMessage Bug That Deletes The Last Word Of Your Text

According to various Twitter posts, a strange iMessage bug is affecting the platform. This iMessage bug deletes the last word of your message. Once you send the message, the last word either disappears, or becomes invisible to both the recipient and the sender.

Two phrases being affected by the iMessage bug have been confirmed, the first one associated with President Barrack Obama. Apparently, if you try to send the message “I could be the next Obama” followed by a trailing space at the end and send the message, Obama’s name disappears from the message. The iMessage bug doesn’t affect the message while you’re writing it, the word becomes invisible only after you’ve sent it, and leaves a black space instead. The other weird part is that if you copy and paste the text, with the blank space, the original message comes back, with Obama’s name in place.


The second phrase that is affected by the iMessage bug is “The best prize is a surprise.” The news about the iMessage bug has come up publicly just yesterday, but according to reports iPhone users have been complaining about it for months. According to a discussion on the Apple support forum, the iMessage bug affects only the iPhone.

Source:The Verge

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