An Attempt To Increase The Turnover Of The Business Of Square Enix 2013

The fiscal year briefing – documents related to Square Enix 2013 described the ways Matsuda planned the ways to reinvigorate the company. This is the result of the promised made during April. There were three initiatives offered by Matsuda to reform the business of HD game of Square Enix. The reformation included the strategies for a long term development on a large scale, reconsider the long term, and target the smart devices of the game and to focus on tiles that are mainly focused on respective regions.

However pertaining to these reformations, assets turnover becomes slow at the time of large scale and long term development. Not only that, even the time different between investment and initial sales gets widen up. Basis on this Matsuda said that it is important to increase the turnover of the business. The fiscal year ended up in March 2013 and its results were highly disappointing. It was disappointing from the perspective of revenue generation, the product sales of the business model turned out to be sour and that was rigid in nature. Results were also disappointing from the perspective of development.

The investment period kept on increasing which resulting in a degradation of asset turnover. Matsuda note that financial issues are not the only reason for asset production on a long term basis. Disengage audiences is also believed to be one of the reasons for it. One can also be dishonest to the customers by giving them little or zero information and making them wait for a long time. Matsuda also said that the age has bygone now when it was possible to keep the customers in darkness before the development of products.

There ought to be business model where there is a frequent interaction with the customers for the products. The interaction should be at the time of development of products prior it is sold. Matsuda gave some examples of engaging with audiences at the time of development of the product. Some of these examples are early access, Steam green light of Valve and Kickstarter. There was a heavy loss of reports by Square Enix amounting to an amount of 13.7 billion yen.

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