An All In One Combination Of A Laptop And Tablet – ‘Something New For The Users’

Among the thousands, there is at least one executive in Microsoft who believes that designs made by Apple are capable of being cited as a yardstick. The chief marketing officer also moved on to discuss the topics related to detachable, convertibles and tablets. Prior to this the first marketing officer first revealed that the official name of Windows Blue will be 8.1. It was on Tuesday, when it was declared in telecom conference. Besides this media and JP Morgan Technology also joined in the announcement.

Windows blue is the name given to the new update of Windows 8 operating system. The other name for it will also be 8.1. The readers will not be confused after hearing the new names. The ones are not aware of it, Microsoft have been using the naming convention over the years. Readers also have something new and that is, the new software developed by Microsoft. This will be available for free downloads in the later part of the year. Another beautiful example for a detachable is the HP envy x2 which is a classic example.

You also have a MacBook Air competitor and that is both the tablet and the base together. The envy x2 design is an ultraportable laptop of 11 inches. A CNET review says that it is constructed in brushes aluminum and is cute and sexy in look. It is another specular development for the readers. Tami Reller, the Marketing Officer of Microsoft said that it is a standalone tablet and laptop. It is portable because of its light weight of 1.5 pounds. Comparisons are not all favorable because Envy weighs 3.1 pounds when it converts in Laptop mode. It uses are a slow Intel Atom processor.

The laptop of 3.1 pounds weight is different from that of 2.4 pounds 11.6-inch Air. A redesign of the Atom micro-architecture will be a closer look for the audience. The new edition of the HP laptop is the comfortable design. The dual benefits of working both as a laptop or a tablet is what makes it an exception for the users. It is capable of becoming a complete tablet for windows 8 operating system.

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