All About Cinematique’s ‘Touch-Enabled’, Shoppable Videos

Randy Ross, co-founder and CEO of startup called Cinematique, argues, and he’s hoping to enable interactions with Cinematique’s new MTEVideo platform.

When you watch content enriched by Cinematique, small dots appear on the screen, which shows that items that you can click on with your mouse can show some basic information about whatever item u selected or pointed to and when you’re done with the video, you can tap on the Cinematique icon below the video and bring up more details about everything you selected. And that’s not all You can also share the listing with friends or relatives and if the price seems easy on your pocket than you can buy that item too .

Ross said that Cinematique videos can be embedded on other sites as well, which thereby proves to bring this idea to vedio form and reach a vast audience.

The good part lies in the fact that the company give full liberty to the filmmaker or other concerned people to determine which items to tag, and that the tags can also be used in many different ways to provide more information.

Ross said it was important to protect the video watching experience, particularly he and his co-founders Kyle Heller and Chayse Irvin have all worked in filmmaking. So the dots are relatively subtle, and the more in-depth content is saved for after the video. Moreover, if you perhaps don’t like any particular item, you can hide the dots which is entirely upto the user.

Ross also noted that there’s a real technical achievement here, because under-the-hood, the platform is able to recognize an object throughout a video — so that the user doesn’t have to tag it in frame after frame.

But every new game bring with itself new challenges and Ross firmly believes that the will be able to face them efficiently and expects that with the proliferation of touch interfaces People will just expect that they can touch things in a video and add a different meaning to user experience.

Via TechCrunch

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