Alibaba Is In Its final Stage

Alibaba, e-commerce giant in China is in the last stage of debate to get a video streaming service. All can expect announcements related to this soon. All are still in a confused state whether the deal between PPTV and Alibaba will be in gain or not.

Due to price criteria, the online media company and retailer of electronic appliances are not considered for the deal. Alibaba is looking into e-commerce and recently, along with some team, they have produced set-top boxes and smart TV’s.

Alibaba representatives are nowhere to give comments. Many medias in China are facing consolidation. Alibaba’s latest announcement was related to social media and maps, which gives a will enhance their popularity worldwide.

Jonathan Lu, who substituted Jack Ma, founder, as CEO, has commented that the company is planning to invest in many projects to widen its presence especially in mobile.

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