Al Jazeera Internal Communications Was Spied By NSA

It has been a chronic theme among the media outlets with respect to the government snooping. Weeks after the editor at Guardian claimed that British Government agents had smashed a computer containing sensitive details, we are now seeing Der Spiegel claiming that US National Security Agency accessed internal communications from Arab news broadcaster Al Jazeera.

According to documents from past NSA contractor Edward Snowden, the Arab news broadcaster’s communications was accessed and read by NSA with a prominent success. NSA was encouraged about Al Jazeera’s as a close coverage of al-Qaeda, and thus, hacked into the media organization’s internal communications system. Reports claim that the Russian airline, Aeroflot’s airline reservation services is also rumored to be hacked by the agency.

Reportedly, US agency was able to read and access the communications of interesting targets who are claimed to be protected by Al Jazeera. It’s still unstated if employees or journalists at the news union were spied on as well.

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