Age Of Empire All Set To Be Re-Released!

The award winning and all time selling-Age of Empire-II is all set to make it’s comeback. And what a comeback it will be with refreshed HD graphics engine and improved multiplayer. The original game had been designed by the Ensemble Studios. But with them shutting down Hidden Path is now working on the updated version.

14 years back, this game had created uproar amongst the masses. The excitement for this game hasn’t dampened since then. And now April 9 would witness another pandemonium at the launch of Age of Empires II HD Edition. Dedicated gamers don’t need to wait that long, as those who pre-purchase (at a 10 percent discount) will be able to jump in on April 5 itself.

The game was a major hit because it looked quite nice for the time, disdaining the 3D razzle. Times, however, have changed, and monitors have grown slimmer and insatiable in their appetites for enhanced resolutions. Thus, Microsoft’s deemed it high-time for a re-release with high-resolution displays at 1080p. It also includes an “enhanced visual engine sporting improved textures for terrain, water and fire, and ambient lighting effects.” Steamworks features for Age of Empires II HD Edition include achievements, leader boards, matchmaking, and cloud support. In addition, gamers can share user created content through the Steam Workshop.

So go on pre order your favourite game and watch magic unravel itself!

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