Adnan Januzaj Called-Up For The Belgian Squad

Marc Wilmots, the Belgium boss intends to meet Adnan Januzaj after he turned down a call-up to the Belgium national team.

The Manchester United teenager’s family left Kosovo for Belgium before he was born. Januzaj is eligible to represent many countries.

Wilmots wanted Januzaj to be a part of the Belgium squad for the World Cup qualifiers against Croatia and Wales. The player hasn’t quite decided about his international future.

Wilmots believes that Januzaj is likely to sign a new contract at Old Trafford. He said, “This was the first time I wanted to him to be a part of the squad. I wanted to send him a clear message. I got a very quick response from England. Manchester United called me and informed that the player hasn’t made a choice about his international future yet.

“I respect his viewpoint. He has the right to make the choice, and I would not force him to do anything against his wishes. But, I plan on meeting Januzaj to find out what exactly his thoughts are. Representing a country cannot come by force. It has to come from his heart. I must admit that the door to the national team is always open for Januzaj.”

Phil Jones believes that the youngster would take all the attention in his stride. Januzaj made a stunning two goal debut at Sunderland.

“He is a level-headed footballer. He knows what he needs to do. He is bound to hit the peaks. His second goal was impressive”, he added.

“Irrespective of whether he would be interested in playing for England, we are currently unsure of the chances of Januzaj playing for Belgium”, said Chris Spicer, a SkyBet Football trader.

“He has shown immense potential and he would be in very high demand by both the countries. Bit, I believe that it is primarily a battle between representing Albania and Belgium”, he added.

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