Adam Sandler Maybe A Part Of Tom McCarthy’s Latest Film

A new era of Sandler Seriousness is taking the film industry by storm. He is currently working on his latest rom-com, ‘The Familymoon’. However, he is in talks with director Tom McCarthy for the film, ‘The Cobbler’. If he signs this one, it would be the second one he would have signed this month.

McCarthy had planned to make a drama called ‘Spotlight’, in which reporters uncover abuse in the Church. He is stalling the progress of ‘The Cobbler’ for now as he is looking to lock down the lead actors for ‘Spotlight’.

Details about both the movies are currently under wraps. However, inside news has revealed a portion of the plot. The story is about a shoe repair expert who steps into the lives of the people who wear the footwear he makes. This metaphysical ability of his makes him to live the life of different people. McCarthy has dramatic ideas in his mind more than comical ones.

Could we see Adam Sandler taking up serious or dramatic roles in the future, and not comedy? That remains to be seen.

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