Adam Driver Might Play Nightwing In The Batman Vs Superman Flick

It’s really unexpected, but there’s a big chance that Adam Driver (from Frances Ha) will play Dick Grayson Warner Bros’ Batman Vs Superman movie, that still remains untitled. If you’re confused- Dick Grayson is Robin/Nightwing.

Earlier this week, Nightwing’s role in the movie was still a rumor, but it’s been confirmed by The Wrap. The Batman in this movie (played by Ben Affleck) is retired and gruff and maybe a little grumpy, so Grayson’s role fits in well.

The creators had a “young John Hawkes” in mind while looking for actors to play Nightwing, Driver seems to fit that description (maybe). In the comics, Robin gets tired of living in Batman’s shadow, ditches the group (has an argument with Batman) and starts calling himself Nightwing, and becomes a bit of a loner.

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