Activision’s Q3 Revenue Higher Than Expectation

Activision earned $691 million in net revenue in Q3 2013, down from $841 million in last year’s quarter however on top of expectations of $635 million, the company reported today. Activision attributes its net revenue to sales of Skylanders: Giants and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. World of Warcraft continues to be the No. 1 MMO in the world, now with 7.6 million subscribers, down 100,000 from Q2. Activision currently encompasses a debt of $4.75 billion, following the acquisition of its own stock from former parent company Vivendi. That deal, worth $8.2 billion, was expected to be completed within Q3, that was supposed to end on September 30, however it was delayed in court and instead closed on October 11. Activision notes that it borrowed $2.5 billion in an exceedingly seven-year secured term loan on October 11 and spent $5.83 billion in money, buying itself back.

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