Access Facebook On Android Smartphones With Ease

The day stars with good news for the Facebook addicts. Facebook, the largest Social networking site, with a monthly user base of 1 billion, is going to take Facebook on Android, tonight. The company is going to collaborate with Taiwanese firm HTC, to make their debut in the Android small screen. According to sources, Facebook home will act as the centrepiece application that can be downloaded and customised.  The software is to be demonstrated in Myst, a specially designed device for the purpose.


Nothing has been mentioned officially at the part of Facebook other than the attention-grabbing quote “Come see our new home in Android”.  The occasion will come alive at 6pm GMT from 1Hacker Way, Menlo Park through the voice of Rory Carroll, the Guardian’s correspondent. All the speculations are on about the new features that will come up with this new application. The Facebook staff has been found as busy as a bee filing patents, which surely indicates that some exciting new features are going to be unveiled.

According to the news by Unwiredview, This new one will come with an “uberfeed” which will collect information about the owner from every online source, including texts, emails and updates. It is also expected to have targeted advertisements. Through the application “Caller identification”, the users might be able to get the personal details like, the name of the children of the person on the other side of the call. This enhanced caller identification is sure to open a new era. And in case the users do not like the features and find it invasive, they can certainly turn the feature off.

The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has already announced that his target in 2013 is to make Facebook on Android. Presently over 680 million of users access Facebook from a mobile and many customers access the favourite social networking site only from a Smartphone rather than a personal computer or tablet. So in order to make the experience of the Smartphone users even more complete, Facebook has come up with this new venture. In this context, it is to be mentioned that Google+ is going to be the first rival of Facebook on the small screen.

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