A Strict NO On Having Mod Support In Battlefield 4 – Said By Karl -Magnus Troedsson

Karl-Magnus Troedsson said that they would prefer to see enough of content created by players. He denied that they will not do anything that is not having hundred percent perfection. Magnus is the general manager of DICE. He also said that DICE is often asked for mod support and has now understood what the reason for why players demand it is. This implies that DICE requires sufficient tools for it and of the right type. They also need the right security that will be taking care of the lose parts of the engine.

There are different plans for Battlefield 4. The company said that it has no such plans to provide a mod support. Even though it was harsh to say that, but he simply denied it. However there is no end to it. Even though there is no question of having any mods in Battlefield 4 but it can be thought about in the future. When you talk about a franchise, Battlefield 4 is quite a big franchise. It can also be said as a developed strategy by the company. This strategy decided what are the plans of the company and what are they up to.

This area has been discussed by Magnus Troedsson quite frequently. Battlefield 4 is about to be launched for PlayStation 3, PC as well as Xbox 360. The possibility of its launch is towards the end of October and in the beginning of November. The versions for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have not been updated. Magnus Troedsson considers the contents that are user generated to be very interesting. This has been in the high talks of the company.

There have been future thoughts by the company at the time of using molds. There are expectations of having a mod in it new product named et cetera. In contrast to the replies any further he singly continued to say ‘NO’ to mods in Battlefield 4. The question was put up on Troedsson related to battlefield 4. The first question was related to the chances of modality of battlefield 4. There were discussions about the future plans of modality.

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