A Shocking Friday For Google Users –“Sudden Closure Of Google SMS Service”

It was a shocking Friday for the few Google users that Google has turned off the Google SMS service. Reddit and Google Forums enabled the reports to outage. No doubt the SMS service for Google was beneficial for the users, especially for the ones who had either limited or data on the phones. This was beneficial in accessing the search information. The application was simple in use because all you had to do is to send text query 466453. You will then receive the text for the information without any link. This made it beneficial for the users.

Back in the day when only small information is sufficient for the users, it was of a great help. In spite of the great utility somehow or may be unfortunately the application seems to have lost the popularity. It was because of this that Google employees gave a statement that “the decision for closing the products is difficult”. However the professionals of renowned companies take such hard decisions after serious consideration. This is done with a serious implication for the visitors. Google has a solution to the problem of sudden closing down the products and this is done by streamlining the services. The serious consideration by Google is the key to the advent of beautiful technology by Google.

Google has made an attempt to improve the lives of the readers and this is achieved by the lives of the users. It was alarming for the users when they try to avail for the services of Google sms through the number 466453. The same message was flashed to the users by Google. Even though the service was unpopular amongst others, it is a boon for some of the users. Undoubtedly Google received reviews and comments from most of the customers to get it back.

Users were benefited with some of the common applications and this was dictionary, web search weather information, finding a suitable business, measurement conversation and translation features. It is the pace with the ever-changing technology that makes Google give technology gifts to mankind. The sudden closes come with a shock but Google has something new hidden for us.

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