A Series Of New Devices To Be Announced By Acer One Such Is 8.1 Inches Tablet

Acer has announced a series of brand new devices and kicked off by Computex. It has included a refresh of 13.3 inches of Aspire S7 along with the launch of Iconia W3. The new 8.1 inches tablet will bring a new platform for Windows to a small size of the screen. Iconia W3 weighs 11 pounds and is 11.35 in width. The tablet is powered by an Intel dual core processor of 1.8 GHZ. The same of the processor is Atom Z2760. Tablet is available for both 64 bit and 32 bit version.

The W3 tablet prices above $379 and is going to be put up on sale tomorrow. The keywords are priced at $90 and are also available now. However, it is not included with the tablet and you have to buy it separately. The tablet has a display of 1280 X 800 displays. It is capable of playing the video at 720p and has a two mega-pixel camera situated at its back. It has a connectivity of Bluetooth 4.0, has USB slots in it and also a space to place the micro-SD card.

The interesting fact is that the device is loaded with both a student and hone version of products of Microsoft office. The merits of the tablet were explained by Luca Rossi who is the vice president of the unit of consumer business. This department is located in Europe. Acer has given millions of consumers, students and professionals the unique Iconia W3. It is basically for the ones who have read, work, play and create in the windows environments. It acts as a single handed device that is used as a whole. These adventurous activities will make it possible to enjoy the components that are leading in the industry.

It has a remarkable combination of an 8 inches design in lightweight and will have a windows 8 operating system installed in it. This will give an effective way to have a productivity and fun on the go. The Ultra book Aspire has been refreshed and this is announced by a Taiwanese firm. The new model favors an Intel chip of fourth generation computers.

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