$70 Million Project By DARPA On A Brain Chip

There is nothing impossible in this real Hi-Tech world and DARPA is going to prove it, as they have announced a $70 million project on a Brain chip which will be an implantable device that will help the military get a handle on its widespread mental health problem.

This real-time project is made with the inspiration of current Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). Currently, to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and dystonia, DBS implants is used all over the world. This technology is a new thing and expanding its usefulness for other treatment of patients with spinal cord injuries as well as conditions like chronic pain and severe depression.

These all things really sounds crazy but it’s all what DARPA do and who knows what DARPA will come up with. But its a same agency which is working on other hi-tech things like building a fully functioning humanoid robot that can walk on rocks, along with an exoskeleton for soldiers to wear on the battlefield.

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