3D Printing is set to become a mainstream technology

3D printing is on the verge of becoming a mainstream technology, and a lot of new hardware is being developed to put its capabilities into the hands of the customers. The 3D printers’ heavy machinery can be a bit difficult to carry, so 3D printing pens are being developed to streamline the process. 3Doodler is the company that has brought the concept of a 3D printing pen to the market and its new LIX 3D printing pen is quite a compact version which will help people in seeing their designs jump off the page.
The dimensions of the pen are pretty light; a height of 6.45 inches and a diameter of 0.55 inches. It is a tiny and a lightweight tool. It is almost like a normal pen that can fit in the palm of your hand, and has a power cable that conveniently plugs into any USB port.
To get funding for the LIX 3D printing pen, London based co-founders Delphine Eloise Wood, Anton Suvorov, and Ismail Baran have taken to Kickstarter. The pre-orders of the device will shortly start up when all the details are out.

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