$128,000 In 10 Months By Selling Fake Twitter Accounts

James Clegg, who operates a large-scale fake follower business, raked in $128,000 in profits in the last 10 months, reports PC World’s Christopher Null by selling fake twitter accounts.

He made such huge profits from this business that he had quit his day job as an accountant to continue with his new job of selling fake accounts, confirmed by Null.

He runs 13 follower-sales websites and he needs many websites because Google dislikes the fake-follower business. So each site has to use a constantly changing search-engine optimization scheme to show up in search results confirmed by Clegg.

The fake follower business is a numbers game. The going rate is $11 for 1,000 Twitter followers and a typical order is for about $30. A server with a high search result could pull in 80-100 orders per day, he says. However according to an inside story it might also charge more like the fake follower site we found from our Google search charges $17.50 for 1,000 followers.

Clegg confirms that this business is not always very profitable as it requires to hire programmers in India to produce the “bots” (short for robot) that creates the fake Twitter accounts. Out of every $6,000 in revenue, he makes about $2,000 in profit.

Buyers include minor celebrities, big corporations, ,and many small companies. But as we all know, buying or selling Twitter accounts is a clear violation of Twitter’s rules. If Twitter finds these fake accounts, it will not only delete them and take strict action against it.

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