$10,000 Advance For Digital Rights By Vimeo

Vimeo, the video platform along with the Toronto International Film Festival is offering $10,000 in advance to the Festival’s world premiere. This is done so that Vimeo is distributed on demand to the public. This move is considered audacious by many and genuinely bold.

“Direct distribution is the best way to market our product. We are looking at educationg film makers with exceptionally high quality platform to control the distribution of their content. This could occur in any place, any device, at any time and across various price points.”, said Vimeo’s CEO, Kerry Trainor.

He also added that it would be appealing to those films which may not have access to conventional channels.

Vimeo’s offer has a clause. Filmmakers must agree to provide Vimeo with a premiere digital window, but would be released from their liscece after a period of 30 days, or when Vimeo recoups the $10,000 advance, whichever is earlier. Once the advance is reimbursed, Vimeo would provide their standard split with 90% of the money going to the film makers, once the transactions costs are deducted. The films which have accepted the offer would still be able to pursue conventional distributional vehicles and other online opportunities once the 30 day window ends. The clause expects the films to stay on the platform for two years.

Vimeo’s introduction of Vimeo On Demand at last year’s SXSW was appreciated by many.

Premiering a film at the Toronto International Film Festival has other benefits as well, like the Vimeo’s distribution offer. Cameron Bailey,

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