1 Million Copies Of Jay-Z’s New Album Purchased By Samsung – For It’s Galaxy Users

Good news for the fans of Jay-Z by one of the most dominating cell phone companies in the world. If you are an owner of a Samsung Galaxy phone, you are lucky because you will be getting millions of copies of the Magna Carta Holy grail. The launch is scheduled to be on 4th July and that is when it makes its debut.

Jay-Z had thrown some light over the endorsement deal made on Sunday. This announcement was made when Jay-Z had appeared on a TV commercial during the NBA finals of Game 5. He was shown along with Rick Rubin, the producer and Pharrell Williams. The tagline put up was – “The next big thing”. The company has purchased 1 million copies of this album to be released on 4th July. All these will be issued to the owners of Samsung Galaxy. Wall Street reported that the mobile company has purchased each album with $5.

There are two paramount reasons that count for the remarkability of the deal. The first and foremost is that it will enable Samsung to improvise its image in the United States of America. The gains of the company are further added upon by a few endorsement deals. These deals are expected to be with a top artist in United States of America. This will help in gaining cred over consumers, especially the youngsters. These lucrative endorsement deals will also help the music hub of Samsung. The company will be gifted with a music service that will stream over Samsung Galaxy devices.

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