logoLargeThe idea took its roots in 2006, while juggling with some Adobe tools to make an impression in a college presentation. It clicked instantaneously and made us realize it had all the ingredients of a success story. Four years down the line, adequate skills were developed through sheer hard-work and research to deliver “WebMuch Software”.

The web is a large place and Webmuch can’t get enough of it. The core concept behind Webmuch is simple: Make apps just a little bit nicer, just a little bit simpler and yet be backed by powerful features. The Company believes in keeping it fresh to ensure you are never bored. Which is why Webmuch works latest cutting edge and proven technologies by constantly keeping up with the industry. WebMuch at first started as a web design and development news site, publishing tutorials and news in the web development niche. After being featured is websites like Smashing Magazine, the blog was eventually shut down by the end of 2007 with one thought: “It’s getting a little old”. It is now considered a mistake. WebMuch Software is a SaaS focussed software development start up working intensively to release business intelligence apps over the cloud. While WebMuch’s main focus is inclined towards SaaS products, we sustain our efforts with regular agency work. We work with some of the latest and the best open source technologies for the Web.

Webmuch Content Network:

Also run by the people at Webmuch is the Webmuch Content Network. A network of now, 4 web magazines, each focussed on a particular niche:

  • Webmuch (webmuch.com): Re-releasing as of today, webmuch.com will be focussing on the Web niche. Covering everything from Web Development related app reviews, tutorials teaching internet technologies and articles on everything internet. Over the period of next two weeks Webmuch will also bring back the old articles and fix those links (now broken) that our readers trusted us with.
  • images (19)TechJojo (techjojo.com): Focussed on the social media and technology niche. Providing news and articles related to new technologies and the occasional advancement in science.
  • Gameduct (gameduct.com): Third site in the Webmuch Content Network focusses on the gaming industry across all consoles. Sony to Microsoft, Apple to Android.
  • Madmuch (madmuch.com): All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is our fun site. Following the funny and weird as a niche and curating the funniest pictures and videos online. Weather we find it online or out in the wild. We put it up.

We currently run just these four sites and prove to be a handful. We still work hard to keep them up to date and focus on finding creative people to work with us and bring more content sites soon.


Webmuch Software works with the view of making the web better. Most of our applications are web-based (run inside a web browser) and therefore we consider it our duty to produce quality apps to all our customers and in turn provide quality apps to their end-users. Webmuch Offers various technology and business services to help businesses perform better and deliver positive results. Webmuch makes business intelligence apps that provide business managers with analytical support and make better decisions. Better decisions, better results.

Web Technology Consulting

We consider ourselves to have a certain level of expertise in the field of Web Technologies. Thinking of creating a new business app. Not sure how to go about it. Talk to us, we’ll always point you in the right direction.

Custom Application Developemnt

Webmuch works with some of the finest open source technologies to create tailor made applications for your business. Webmuch will always put your app in the cloud just in time for you to take full advantage of the technology and improve your business.

App Redesign and Branding

At webmuch we consider ourselves front-end maniacs. Already have an running application you wanna make more usable. Give it to us and we will beautify every aspect of your application and make sure you & your customers love using it. Redesign your app’s look and give it the ‘Webmuch’ touch. You’ll love it.

Joomla Development

Want a complex CMS system? We have you covered with custom Joomla development. Content Building Kits, Newsletter Management Systems , ACLs and Community Builders. We have it all covered.

WordPress Theme and Plugin Development

Theme up your WordPress site or get a custom functionality with a new plugin. We hold experts in everything WordPress. We do it all from simplistic to extremely complex theming. Most of our sites are run on the WordPress platform. WordPress without a doubt is Webmuch’s favorite platform.

Design Services

Creative branding services: Logo Design, Stationary, Web Design, etc

Technical Support

Webmuch Provides Technical Support

Webmuch BPO Services

Webmuch BPO Service

Contact / Project Quote / Job Application:

Use the web below to get a free quote for an application you’d like us to make, to apply for a job at Webmuch or to just ping us. Chat some maybe.


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