FIFA 14! Much Awaited By The Audience To Make The FIFA Series Exceptional

There will be a slight new look to the FIFA 14 and will have something new for the readers. A known fact to all the readers is that FIFA was launched before the high profile titles were deluged in fall. The retailer game for UK carried was responsible for carrying out the listing for the game that was generally in the release of October 4th. Amazon brought out a release on the 24th of September in this year. The information was also revealed in a PlayStation that was unannounced.

Then release was for Xbox 360 and PS3 and it was later on changed to TBC 2013. An interesting news for Turkish supports is that the Turkish leave will make return in the series thereby making it all the more overwhelming for the audience. Even the managing department of the Turkish league made a mesmerizing statement for the audience that they will be signing a contract with the EA games. This deal is supposed to be completed within a few days. Hence the final statement by the management authority was that there will be an inclusion of the Turkish league in the game.

The Match fixing scandal was responsible for shaking the Turkish league out of the FIFA. This was not enough to bring down the craze of the audience to neither it couldn’t stop them from waiting the Turkish league to come back. The outstanding players like Didier Drogba, Mamadou Niang, Reto Ziegler was the pillar of the league. The vaunted sports series is looking forward to FIFA 14. Reports said that FIFA 13 had a sales record for about 14.5 M copies. This marvelous figure was from September 2012 since its release. However is not an end to the sales record of the FIFA series.

FIFA 14 is expected to have a greater sales record. The release is the simply awaited by PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The others like PS vita and Wii U are also expected for the release of FIFA 14 but have yet not announced it. These exciting facts about FIFA 14 have made it much awaited by the fans.