Time For The Signups Of The Last Year’s Conference To Pick Up Their Device – “Glass”

Steve Lee of Google team and Google X announced that all 2000 developers who have signed up for the explorer program of Google will be invited to pick up their own devices. These signups came from the I/O of the last year program. Google with contact the invitees this week and will later on contact the one who had brilliant idea of twitter and Google+. All of them will be invited to purchase the glass for about $1500. This device will then be picked up during the number of events that is being planned by the company in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.


Even though it is in the news it is not yet planned by Google yet when it will be shipping these editions. In the I/O conference that was held last year, the web search giant company allowed the developers to registers in advance for the device. However there have been no responses from the program since then. Google also clarified that the users will not be enforced to pay the $1500. The ones who wish to do will only pay for it. It can be safely said that most of the developers will be opting for it and is planning to drop the cash.

About 8,000 #ifihadglass “winners” who still have to pay for the device will get it started very soon. The device is suitable for the apps developers because it will help them to know the utility of the apps that is being developed by them. It was never an easy thing to do and so it was done by Google. Lee said in one of his announcement that the device has not been worked upon to keep as a secret. It was supposed to be revealed in front of the real world.

Glass is supposed to receive regular updates like bug fixes along with the updates of monthly software. This is not an end to it. There is something more to come up in June. The device will come as a complete convenient package for the users. There are a lot many questions waiting in the queue for Lee about the device.

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