The Gaming Console By Ouya Expected To Gain Popularity Because Of Its Price Tag Of

The Android gaming console by Ouya worth $99 is expected to go on sale on Tuesday. Once it has happened, it will be seen whether the device is able to mark its place in the market. This is a big question because of the dominance of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. The console by Ouya is considered to be a brainchild of the known Julie Uhrman. Uhrman is the former executive at IGN which is an entertainment website. It has gained attention in a widespread manner.

These attentions will be drawn from the outpouring of the support on the crowd funding site of Kickstarter. About 63,000 backers had coughed up an $8.6 million to help its birth of Ouya. Uhrman had raised yet more $15 million from the venture of the capitalists. It further included Caufield, Kleiner Perkins, Byers and many others. Uhrman has also told the Emily Chang of Bloomberg TV that it believed on a variety of the original games. This announcement was made on Monday. This will be making Ouya a success.

The device is having about 150 games, so far available in it. It is worth $99 and every game is worth trying because of its free trial version. This had been said by Uhrman. He also said that the device will be seen to be shipped to the backers and will be reviewed in March. The reviews that were received in tech press will be seen in a mixed nature. A few of them had also complaint that the controller was quite sluggish in nature. The selection was disliked by others. However, the low price was loved by almost everyone.

This aspect is worthy enough in giving a try to Ouya. Kickstarter is ultimately going to be shipped and will come with a breakthrough in the industry. This went without the competition for a certain time. The price tag of $99 stood out in the crowd and was an open source development. The PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii have kept themselves to be unique and unchanged. This continued till a decade without any sort of disruption in it.

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