Add more optical drives to rip CDs faster

It may take you a long time in ripping your music CD collection to digital format despite having a fast computer. The biggest problem that comes in here is that you can only rip one CD at a time. But there is another good option, add more optical drives. This will be of great help as it’ll speed up the …

Vinyls cannot overtake CDs

Well, it may sound a bit awkward but let me wish you a very Happy Record Store Day! Vinyl may have become a hit with all the music lovers and may be encouraging people to explore and buy new music, but still it can’t overtake CDs, believe the experts. But there’s something interesting as well, that you need not worry about dropping the needle and physically spinning the record back to rewind. Obviously, people today want more of relaxing things and less of physicality. Vinyl may be great, but to the experts this idea sounds to be less superior to that of uncompressed digital recordings and they believe that this idea is preposterous.