A Software Predicting Popularity Of Books

According to U.K. Telegraph report, a group of computer scientists have generated a software that will analyze whether a book will be popular based on its writing style.

It’s all been done after analyzing 800 books from Project Gutenberg, which is a comparing domain of words used and how often they have been downloaded. For some books, the computer scientists also considered Amazon sales data awards such as Pulitzer Prizes. The books were of all different genres and types, ranging from novels to poetry, and from love stories to sci-fi.

successful books word table

The trick is somewhat similar to what we have told in school time of writing a way, example less successful books included more adverbs or the words which describe action and emotion like ‘wanted,’ ‘took’ or ‘promised’, according to a report. And the books having much conjunction, like ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘but’, are in a way more successful.

The software inventors, a team of Stony Brook University in New York have worked much on it. So, all the Novel writer emphasize on words, with the story.

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