Rust Ahead of Garry’s Mod In Terms Of Money Making

Designer Garry Newman tweeted today morning that Garry’s Mod “just broke $30,000,000” and “if my calculations are correct — we’ve now formally made more money from Rust than Garry’s Mod. 0.34% more!” Rust has been there in the market as a standalone release since late 2006 while Garry’s Mod is a Steam Early Access title which has been in the market since December 2013.

Rust has seen a dramatic rise in quality recently and has also had a number of royalties. “To clarify, we get lesser royalties from GMod than Rust,” quoted Newman. He said that it’s 70 % for Rust and “50 % or $2.50 if it’s part of a package” for Garry’s Mod.

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