Ouya Kicks On A Kickstarter For Game Devs

To make its roots strong in Console market, Ouya is making some brave attempts. Recently, Ouya has launched its Kickstarter campaign touted as Free the Games Fund initiative, which will make contributions for budding Game developers seeking fund raising that meets atleast $50,000 as threshold amount, up to a top value of $250,000, from a cash pool of $1 million.

The interested participants are supposed to submit guidelines by contacting the console manufacturer prior to initiating the Kickstarter drive which can be run anywhere after August 9, 2013 until August 10, 2014, and will have to agree for a six-month exclusivity.
Eligible games will be paid their amount in parts with a quarter of their cash once the Kickstarter campaign will end, then other half of promised total after game is launched on Ouya. Then remaining quarter of owed payment will be granted after the end of six-month exclusivity period. The qualifying game that will raise the most cash through Kickstarter will also receive an additional $100,000 as an bonus.

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