New Content Out For Company Of Heroes 2

Certain new content will be rolled out for Company of Heroes 2, in both the free and paid varieties.

Those who pay nothing will receive two new multiplayer maps, “Hill 331” and “Don river,” aboard an unspecified list of “several enhancements to the game.” Further, the update additionally adds Steam Workshop integration to the recently-launched Company of Heroes 2 World Builder construction suite.

People who pay a bit of money will be receiving a lot of stuff. This “Two Fronts” DLC promotion includes all of the above content, and also the “Southern Fronts” Theatre of War pack, that you’ll be able to see in the game’s new trailer.

The Southern Fronts pack adds 10 new situations to the game that drop players into the boots of either German or Soviet troopers as they slowly grind toward victory through variety of battles that feature new tweaks to The Company of Heroes 2 formula.

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