Need For Speed Poster Spotted

need for speed poster aaron paul

Need For Speed has overcome all kind of reliable issues of films being adopted from video games and has left Dominic Toretto grin and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. Now the upcoming movies poster has hit the web.

The poster is no different from the conventional silhouette look, And the car vs chopper also clues upon it being no different from others.

As for the film itself, Need For Speed sees Paul as Tobey Marshall, a street racer who goes into business with rich, arrogant car supplier pal Dino (Dominic Cooper), And gets framed when another friend dies during a race. Sent to jail, Marshall wants revenge and, once released, signs on for a cross-country race for a chance to strike back. 

Dino learns about the plan and puts a bounty on his head, forcing Tobey to go up against various illegal drivers in powerful vehicles. Michael Keaton is the the event, who invites the best racers from around the world to compete. Also in the cast are Imogen Poots (as an exotic car dealer), Rami Malek, Kid Cudi, Ramon Rodriguez and Harrison Gilbertson. Need For Speed is set to be out by March 14.

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